The Friends of Poriya Hospital Association

Our Mission:

The Friends of Poriya Hospital Association (Registered Association #580051712), operates as an independent non-profit organization, in collaboration with the Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, to fulfil its vision of becoming a leading medical institute.
Our main goals are:
To fundraise and conduct diverse resource development in Israel and abroad for construction and acquisition of essential and modern equipment;
To support recruiting and training endeavours of highly skilled physicians and other professionals and to promote innovative health services;
To expand the circle of supporters, and to strengthen the community's affiliation to the Medical Center to develop a sense of pride and belonging.

Main Projects at the Medical Center

Construction of a new general Intensive Care Unit

The new state-of-the-art unit, which we expect to complete by the end of 2022, will be constructed in a spacious and sheltered building and will include 12 hospitalization beds in individual rooms. The new unit will also provide intensive care for patients after surgery or those suffering from stroke.
This advanced unit will dramatically improve the ability of our medical staff to save lives and optimally treat our patients in critical condition.

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The construction of a new Interventional Neuroradiology Endovascular Neurosurgery Unit (INR)

An advanced Stroke Unit operates in the Medical Center today; however, patients needing invasive procedures to catheterize blood vessels in the brain (INR treatment) are forced to be transferred to distant medical centers. The catheterization operation must be performed as quickly as possible to reduce and even prevent damage to brain tissue, which manifests itself in long-term disability, paralysis and in some cases even death. Opening the INR Unit will allow advanced procedures to be performed on peripheral blood vessels and in the brain without the need to transfer patients. It will be the only unit of its kind in the area and will provide vital life-saving service to residents of the region.

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An Audiology Institute in the newly renovated Outpatient Clinics

The Medical Center’s current ENT unit is forced to refer patients to other audiology institutes, which causes delayed diagnosis and treatment for those who most need it.
Establishing our own audiology institute, located in the outpatient clinics, will give us the ability to perform comprehensive hearing tests, diagnose balance or lack of stability problems and more. An audiology institute is also necessary for the hospital to function as a leading academic medical center, in which the ENT staff trains the future generation of physicians in Israel.

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The Rehabilitation Center of the North – Life Changing Care

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