Dr. Ghantous Yasmeen

Dr. Ghantous graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Hebrew University and Hadassah Ein Kerem, and holds a master's degree in research from the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion. In addition, from 2017-2018 she was a fellow intern at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

She completed her internship in the Department of Oral, Facial and Maxillofacial Surgery at Baruch Pada Poria Hospital.

Dr. Ghantous specializes in, among other, orthognathic surgery and craniofacial deformities, oncological surgery of the head and neck, and pre-prosthetic surgery.

Also, Dr. Ghantous plays an important role in the establishment of a head and neck oncology research laboratory within the medical center, and deals mainly with research in the field of malignant tumors in the oral cavity, head and neck, in addition to clinical and applied research within its department. Dozens of Dr. Ghantous researches have been published in the best scientific journals in Israel and around the world, and she has been honored to present them at leading conferences around the world.

 In 2020, the Civil Service Commissioner's Award for Personal Excellence was awarded to Dr. Ghantous.

List of Dr. Ghantous publications - click here.