Research Laboratory

Manager: Mr. Avi Peretz

In 1998 the Paruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya's Research Laboratory was founded, due to the need of identifying financial, logistic and administrative solutions for researchers. The laboratory's work and the pursuit of clinical research require a great deal of skills and resources.


The Research Laboratory is subdivided into two:

The cardiovascular laboratory - charged with research work pertaining to cardiological basic sciences.

The laboratory implements and facilitates research projects initiated by all hospital departments - clinical trials, basic science, animal storage, general research laboratory, registration of clinical research within the NIH website, regulation and liaison of research funding sources, research-related acquisitions.

The laboratory provides services such as: oversight of research subjects, research methods training, assistance in writing research grants and in identifying funding sources, collaboration with commercial companies for research purposes, assistance in Helsinki Committee applications, assistance in research planning, student training, research scheduling, practical execution of laboratory studies, collecting blood samples, separating samples for shipment and testing, assistance in planning the suitable allocation of funding sources,working with laboratory animals.

In addition, the laboratory collects all publications published by the hospital's medical and research staff, for the purpose of compiling scientific publication files. The Clinical Research Center provides guidance, consultation and support.