Manager: Dr. Taleb Hajouj

The Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya's Laboratory Wing includes five different laboratories:

Biochemistry, hematology, endocrinology, blood bank and microbiology

The Laboratories Wing supports the various departments by providing service to hospital outpatients, the Tiberias Recruitment Bureau, migrant workers and tourists, and, in special cases, serves Health Fund patients.

The laboratories conduct a wide variety of diagnostic tests, and assists in patient treatment and follow-up. The Wing laboratories deal with the following disciplines: clinical biochemistry, hematology and coagulation, endocrinology, bacteriology, bacterial and virological serology, immunology, toxicology, molecular tests and blood bank services.

The Wing's work is executed in accordance with strict regulations and quality control procedures, which include daily internal quality control and external control inspections. This greatly facilitates the quality and reliability of results produced by the laboratories.

The laboratories maintain state-of-the-art, automatic and advanced equipment. Each operation executed by the laboratories is computerized, beginning with sample reception, insertion of samples into testing devices, and dissemination of results - this allows the Center to record and control the laboratories work, to efficiently execute test orders and disseminate results in hospital departments, and to provide immediate access to lab results for the medical staff.

The Wing's staff possesses superb professional expertise, which includes abundant experience, occasionally measured in decades, with each particular field of expertise, and an abundance of advanced study programs. The majority of laboratory employees are academically-trained.

The laboratories participate in clinical trials carried out by the hospital's medical staff, and provide basic science training for medical interns. The laboratories collaborate with Tel Hai College, and provide teaching sessions for biotechnology students working on their final projects. In addition, the Wing provides teaching sessions for medical laboratory science students from the Technion, Hadassah and Ben-Gurion University.

The Wing is operational on Sun-Thu between 8AM-4PM and on Friday between 8AM-1:30PM. The blood bank and the emergency laboratory are operational at all hours.