Menager: Mrs. Dima Abu Shkara

The pharmacy deals with a wide variety of activities, such as: acquiring and inventorying medications, contrast materials, IV and rinsing solutions, clinical nutrition products and baby food.

In addition: procuring prescribed medications, issuing medications and disseminating them in the various departments, units and institutes operated by the Medical Center, departmental pharmaceutics, oncological pharmaceutics, treatment of dangerous drug abuse.

In addition, the pharmacy is responsible for approving preparations not registered in Israel or preparations that are not dispensed in accordance with standard regulations, providing pharmaceutical consultation and information for the medical and nursing staff, inventorying medications for various emergency outlines, participation in clinical studies and trials carried out in the Medical Center, logistic support for ordering substances used by the research laboratories and pathology departments, counter services (procuring medications for IDF soldiers and MDA vehicles), quality assurance and control of medications -in the departments, clinics and institutes. Professional training of pharmaceutical interns.

The pharmaceutical staff is comprised of specialist pharmacists with expertise in all pharmaceutical fields.

The team handles some 1000 medications and serves the Medical Center's hospitalization departments, outpatient clinics, institutes and research laboratories.

The pharmaceutical service is involved in the activity of several institutional committees: the Medications Committee, the Safety of Medicinal Treatment Committee, the Helsinki Committee, the Antibiotic Treatment Committee.