Clinical Nutrition Service

Manager: Mrs. Galit Magril

The Clinical Nutrition Service is responsible for providing consultation and nutritional programs for various conditions to hospitalized patients and outpatients. The Unit's team is comprised of certified clinical nutritionists of various specialties, such as: diabetes, gestational diabetes, nephrology, geriatrics, surgery, cardiology, and others.

The adjustment of the patient's nutrition is an integral part of the patient's medical treatment, and is carried out in full collaboration with the medical and nursing staff. Instruction on suitable nutrition is given in accordance with the specific condition concerned, and secondary illnesses and additional health characteristics are taken into account. 

Nutritional consultation includes: evaluating the patient's nutritional condition, compiling a suitable menu, which includes nutritional supplements and/or medical food, follow-up of patients' nutritional condition and food consumption habits, and instruction of family members during hospitalization and/or prior to patient discharge. 

The Clinical Nutrition Service is charged with providing consultation to the medical and nursing staff in all areas pertaining to patient nutrition. In addition, the Service is in charge of training and overseeing the catering staff, in terms of preparing and relaying food consumed by the patients. 

The Service annually trains students attending the Faculty of Agriculture's Nutrition Program and Tel-Hai College (as part of their certification process).