Social Work

Manager: Mrs. Anat Rosenblum

The hospital's social work service is an integral part of the hospital, and endeavors to provide solutions to difficulties arising due to disease and hospitalization, as well as pre-discharge guidance.

Occasionally, hospitalization or chronic medical conditions induce patient stress, anxiety and concern, which may result in a life crisis for the patient and their family. This condition forces the patient and their family to adjust themselves. The social work service assists them in dealing with their ailment and its implications. 

Social workers comprise a part of the multidisciplinary staff, and are assigned to hospitalization departments, and hospital institutes, and work during standard operation hours. In addition, on-call social workers are available at the ER, and are required to handle legally-mandated situations (such as: domestic violence, suspected juvenile or helpless person at risk, sexual offenses), and various other scenarios necessitating the involvement of social workers (sudden death, severe accidents, abnormal family response, and others). 

The social service is involved in various cross-country programs dealing with domestic violence, emergency care, social coordination, standardization and quality control. The Center's social workers are involved in organizing seminars and lectures. The social work service provides teaching sessions for social work students attending Tel Hai and Safed colleges.