Physiotherapy Unit

Manager: Mrs. Ofer Rokman-Romano

The Physiotherapy Unit at Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, is charged with facilitating patient health and providing services to hospitalized patients. The Unit handles patients with disabilities, and works to mitigate physical disabilities, dependency and functional deterioration.

The rehabilitation treatment, which also includes physiotherapy, is provided by various paramedical professionals, and includes independent, custom-designed physiotherapeutic treatments. 

The Unit is in charge of diagnosing, instructing, treating and rehabilitating functional disabilities, pain, illness, injuries and other problems in the fields of orthopedics, surgery, general ICU, cardiology, obstetrics and geriatric rehabilitation. 

The Unit's physiotherapists are certified to apply a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as manual techniques, electro- and thermotherapy, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, adjustment of accessories, respiratory physiotherapy, instructions on correct transitions and mobility. 

The team is charged with maintaining ongoing communications with the Units so as to ensure continued treatment within the community. 

In addition to its regular operations, the team also provides teaching sessions for students attending various universities (these sessions are provided by physiotherapists certified for clinical teaching).