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Dr. Shai ygna

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The Hematology Service provides diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for many hematological diseases, such as malignant blood diseases, coagulation disorders and congenital blood diseases. 

The Unit works in collaboration with and under the same roof as that of the Oncological Institute headed by Dr. Jacob Baram. 

The Unit provides a variety of services: 

Unit Services

Examination and treatment of patients suffering from various types of anemia, such as that caused by hematologically-malignant chronic diseases and nutritional anemia (anemia = hemoglobin levels less than 13gr for men and less than 12gr for women). 

·The clinic specializes in treating sickle-cell anemic patients. 

·Treatment of malignant lymphomas and common myeloma - for hematological outpatients. 

·Hematological outpatients are treated with IV therapy,bisphosphonates,  iron IV therapy, and phlebotomy.

·Additional examinations: excessive coagulation, coagulation factor deficiency, and bone marrow tests carried out at the hematological clinic. 

(Complications stemming from excessive coagulation in women may induce miscarriage). 

·Service Research - The clinic carries out studies examining patients with sickle-cell anemia, coagulation factor 7 deficiency, and elder anemic patients. 

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