Unit : Obstetric Ultrasound

Head of Unit

Dr. Sami Hadad

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The Unit comprises an integral part of the Gynecological and Obstetrics Department headed by Prof. Moshe Ben Ami, and is accredited for a residency program by the Scientific Council. In addition, the Unit takes part in teaching medical students. The Unit provides gynecological and obstetric ultrasound for the hospital's various departments and for the region's populace.

The Unit's team includes gynecologists experienced with ultrasound and two veteran technicians.

The Unit carries out all obstetrics-related tests, including fetal nuchal translucency, systems evaluation (early and late) fetal echocardiography, fetal blood flow tests in special cases and amniotic fluid tests. In addition, the Unit carries out gynecological ultrasound tests examining the uterus and ovaries, performs cyst suction and hydrosonography.

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