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The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at the Baruch Padeh Medical Center started in 1972 as a small unit by a visionary physician, Dr. Daniel Temkin with a generous donation by Mrs. Blond from England. From the very beginning, Dr. Temkin insisted that the department will provide state of the art medical services.
The unit quickly became famous and it attracted doctors from all over Israel, sharing the vision of providing good medical service to the people of the region, far from the glamour of the big medical centers and partly as volunteers. Slowly but steadily, the unit expanded its services and medical staff. Almost from the beginning it was certified by the Israeli Dental Association as a full residency site and generations of great specialists were educated in it since.

Due to great efforts made by the staff and Dr. Temkin, and his successor in 2002-2014, Dr. Zvi Laster, the services expanded to subunits that provide services in all fields of dentistry, besides OMS: Pedodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Medicine with dental treatment to medically compromised patients, temporo-.mandibular joint (TMJ) disorders unit and minimally invasive medicine to salivary glands and TMJ. All subunits are led by a specialist in the respective field.

Since the beginning of 2014, the department is managed by Prof. Imad Abu el-Naaj, who continues to lead the staff in momentum of professional and academic development.

The department:

.The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poriya provides all the activity related to diagnosis, treatment and operation on diseases in the oral cavity, the jaws, the face, head and neck in pediatric and adult patients.
The department staff provides its services to all the residents of Upper and Lower Galilee, Jordan Valley, Izreel Valley and Golan Heights and of course welcomes patients from all over Israel and the world.
The staff includes attending surgeons with vast experience in different fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The department possesses 2 operating theatres under general anesthesia and anesthesiologists, as well as outpatient clinic, permanent surgery days at the main operating theaters of the medical center and hospitalization ward.

Academically, the department affiliated to the Azrieli faculty of medicine, Bar-Ilan University. Staff members play active role in teaching and instructing students and residents. Also, the full 5-year residency program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is an inseparable part of the department as well as cutting edge research in all aspects of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department provides treatment in a variety of fields:
Serious facial injuries due to road vehicle accidents, interpersonal violence or warfare activity
Treatment of benign and malignant tumors in the oral cavity, jaws, head and neck including reconstructive surgery.
Orthognathic surgery for congenital deformities in pediatric and adult patients.
Treatment of cleft lip/palate and syndromic patients.
Salivary gland tumor and disease surgery for pediatric and adult patients.
TMJ surgery for pediatric and adult patients.
Severe head and neck infections.
Bone augmentation and dental implant surgery, including inferior alveolar nerve reposition and zygomatic implants.
The aforementioned treatments and more are executed with the assistance of local anesthesia, deep sedation and general anesthesia.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department confederates several professional units led by specialists and several designated clinics in different fields of dentistry:

Oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic – the outpatient clinic accepts patients referred by dentists and physicians from other disciplines. It performs a wide range of medical and surgical procedures and known for its affectionate treatment.

Head and neck tumor surgery and reconstruction service – provides treatment for malignancies in the head and neck region, including salivary gland malignancies. Chief: Prof. Imad Abu el-Naaj – Alumnus of the OMS residency program at the Rambam Health Care Campus affiliated to the faculty of Medicine of th Technion – Israeli Technological Institute. Completed fellowship in oncologic and reconstructive surgery in the University Hospital of Dijon, France. Prof Abu el-Naaj is an Associate Professor at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University, an internationally acclaimed surgeon and published dozens of professional articles in international journals.

Trauma service – provides treatment for wide range of traumas cause by road vehicle accidents, occupational accidents, interpersonal violence, sports injuries and more. The service treats abundance of conditions – starting with skin lacerations, through dental trauma and up to treatment of face bone fractures.

Orthognathic surgery and oro-facial deformities service – combines tight cooperation between the surgeons and orthodontists to achieve correction of jaw/s position in relation to the base of skull as well as acquired and congenital facial asymmetry. The patients get a full range of treatment and accompaniment for the whole treatment procedure..

Temporo-mandibular Joint disorders treatment service –provides minimally invasive treatment using advanced optic equipment, arthroscopic and endoscopic surgery, for treatment of various TMJ disorders. It also provides open surgery for treatment of benign and malignant TMJ disorder. Chief: Dr. Shareef Araidy – experienced specialist trained in various top of the line medical centers around the world.
Salivary gland pathology treatment service – provides diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment using advanced optic equipment – endoscopic surgery performed under local and general anesthesia – for treatment of salivary gland disorders as sialoliths, constrictions AND Sjogren syndrome.

Facial and TMJ pain service – provides diagnosis and treatment for various functional disorders of temporo-mandibular joints and masticatory muscles. The diagnosing procedure is complicated and includes different sources of pain, targeted by the physician to the right treatment modality – physical therapy, behavioral modification and night splints.

Pre-prothetic, hard and soft tissue augmentation service – treatment of complicated cases of not sufficient amount of hard or soft tissue for dental restoration. Includes movement of the inferior alveolar nerve to allow implant placing in the lower jaw, complex bone implantations, zygomatic implants and more.

Oral medicine unit – Treats all the lesions and diseases manifested on the oral mucosa. Also, the unit provides dental treatment for patient unfit to get dental treatment in non-ambulatory clinics – oncologic patients, anti-coagulants patients and/or cognitive mental or anxiety problem. The unit provides treatments in local and general anesthesia. The unit is managed by Dr. Dalit Poral Ben-Amy, oral medicine specialist.

Pedodontics unit – Pediatric dental treatment is a complex matter and requires the dentist special abilities for cooperation achievement. The unit provides variety of treatments with the help of different pharmacological modalities – nitrous oxide, sedation and general anesthesia. Unit manager: Dr. Anda Rosen-Valter pedodontics specialist.

.Periodontics service – treatment and diagnosis of periodontal diseases in adults and children. Provides various treatment of the bone-supporting tissue. Manager – Dr. Eran Front, Periodontics specialist.
Orthodontics and facial orthopedics service – in this framework, best available orthodontists provide treatment, consultation and diagnosis in the orthodontics area for adults and children, disabled people. The focus is on complicated cases that can’t be treated in the community. Manager: Dr. Musa Labeeb, appreciated orthodontics specialist.

.Research and academy branch – the department staff performs various researches and academic works in variety of areas as oral oncology, fetal cells research and their implication and more. The branch is supervised by the department head, Prof. Abu el-Naaj - author of dozens of articles and active researcher.

Dental laboratory – provides services to all units and services and performs prosthodontic solutions. Manager – Mr. Andrey Blinder, certified dental technician.

Physical therapy service – provides special and targeted therapy for patients suffering from different disorders of masticatory and face muscles, post-traumatic mouth opening range rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation for oncologic patients. All therapy is performed by Mr. Nir Alrshuler, certified physical therapist, specialist in TMJ and masticatory muscles disorders.
Requirements for oral and maxillofacial surgery residency applicants:
1. Graduation from recognized dental school (DMD/DDS)
2. Permanent Israeli dentist license
3. Priority for double degree applicants (MSc, MD, PhD)
If you qualify for all above please provide CV with 3 letters of reference to the department’s head mail:

Head and Chief surgeon: Prof. Imad abu el-naaj

Head Nurse: Mrs. Sima Yehuda
Chief dental assistant: Mrs. Galina Klepper
Secretaries: Mrs. Irit Shabi, Mrs. Ruhama Moshe, Ms. Shirel Getter

Department staff

Oral and maxillofacial surgery attending staff
Dr. Shareef Araidy
Dr. Jonathan B. Gottlieb
Dr. Murad Abdolraziq
Dr. Roman Mirochnik
Dr. Victoria Yaffe Gertsbein
Dr. Aladdin Mohana
Dr. Yasmin Ghantous

Oral Medicine staff
Dr. Dalit Porat Ben-Amy - Head, Oral medicine specialist
Dr. Akram Shalabi - Oral medicine specialist
Dr. Hen Shmuel
Dr. Gedeon Zeina
Dr. Jeries Samara
Dr. Rabia Khalil

Pedodontics staff
Dr. Anda Rosen-Walter - Head. Pedodontics specialist
Dr. Rula Shehade - Pedodontics specialist

Periodontics staff
Dr. Eran Front - Head, Periodontics specialist
Dr. Adi Sivan-Gildor - Periodontics specialist

Orthodontics staff
Dr. Musa Labeeb - Head, Orthodontics specialist
Dr. Jawad Abed - Orthodontics specialist 

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