Department : Gynecological and Obstetrics Department

Dept. Head

Dr. Yuri Ferlitz

Head Nurse

Mrs. Ora Zilberman

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The Gynecology and Obstetrics Department at Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, handles all medical procedures pertaining to women and mothers, and provides a wide range of services in gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, antepartum diagnoses, high-risk pregnancies, ultrasound, fertility medicine and IVF and oncogynecology. 

The Department's delivery and maternity rooms were constructed so as to maximize the welfare of patients and delivering mothers, using advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. The Department provides for natural birth and full domestication for delivering mothers. The Department's staff is capable of handling a variety of diagnoses and treatments, and acts with superb discipline when administrating medical services and maintaining the quality of treatment, the welfare and respect of the female patient, in an attempt to provide the patients and their families an optimal and positive treatment experience. 

The Department conducts open gynecology surgical operations, as well as endoscopic-laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic operations, plastic surgery for repairing weakened pelvic floors and urinary incontinence using advanced treatment techniques. 

The Department provides many services, as specified below: 

Gynecology Department 

The Department provides treatment for a wide variety of gynecological, hormonal, infectious and surgical problems - including first trimester complications. 

The Department operates a 24/7 emergency room, which provides an immediate response to urgent gynecological problems. 

Delivery Rooms Department 

The Department contains six separate delivery rooms. An operating room is situated next to the delivery rooms and the reception. The obstetric emergency room is adjacent to the Department and responds to emergencies at all times. 

Out of the belief that childbirth is one of the most important and central events in the life of the woman and her family, the mother has at her disposal a veteran team of midwiveswith many years of devoted and successful experience. 

Each patient is assigned with a private room, and maximum care is given to maintaining complete privacy during delivery. 

Obstetrics Department 

The Department cares for new mothers after the delivery, and for antepartum patients who are hospitalized due to pregnancy-related complicates and as preparation for planned c-sections. 

 IVF Unit 

The Unit provides for fertility problems unresolved using other methods. The Unit treats a variety of fertility problems, including female hormonal and mechanical problems, complex seminal issues, surgical suction of sperm from the testicle, and problems originating from both partners. 

Obstetric-gynecological Ultrasound Unit

The Unit carries out most procedures pertaining to obstetric medicine: growth indices and fetal monitoring, early and late system evaluation, fetal echocardiography, fetal blood flow measurements, amniotic fluid tests for diagnosing prenatal syndromes and uterine and ovarian tests. 

The purposes of this Unit are the prevention, diagnosis and surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment of preoncological and oncological disease in female genitalia, including ovarian, uterine, cervical, vaginal, vulvar and placental cancers. 

The High-risk Pregnancy Hospitalization Unit handles the diagnosis and treatment of women and fetuses at high risk.
The Unit provides for hospitalized women potentially at risk of developing pregnancy complications, such as: premature delivery, excessive or insufficient amniotic fluid, fetal growth delays, placental detachment, and other maternal or fetal diseases, such as toxicosis, hypercoagulability, cardiological malformations, gestational diabetes, hypertension, various kidney diseases, etc. The diagnosis, treatment and close surveillance provided by the Department may act to substantially minimize complications, and to provide the best obstetric outcomes. 

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DepartmentDepartment: Yuri Ferlitz

Deputy Head Of The Department: Dr. Anatoly Grinshpon 
Head Nurse : Mrs Ora Zilberman
Deputy Head Nurse: Mrs. Nidal Hadje
Secretary: Mrs. Aliza Cohen

Medical Staff

Prof. Johnny Unas : IVF Unit Mananger
Dr, Dimitry Chuin : Delivery room unit Manager
Dr. Sofia Saltsman
Dr. Tal Buganim
Dr. Pablo roso
Dr. Robert Mulner

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