Unit : Pediatric Dentistry - Pedodontics

Head of Unit

Dr. Natan Rozenfarb

  • General Information

The Unit is subordinate to the Maxillofacial Surgical Department, headed by Dr. Zvi Lester.

Pediatric dentistry had long ago became more than simply providing children with dental care, and constitutes as a distinct medical specialty, with an emphasis on understanding children's behavior, on the methods used to approach them, and on giving particular care to preventative treatment.

The Unit offers a variety of serv ices:

First aid and consultation:

Dental care for infants - During infancy, the emphasis must be placed on informing the parents, instructing them on how to avoid caries, which mostly harms the upper front teeth due to the infant's chewing on their bottle in their sleep and due to excessive breastfeeding.

Dental care for children with developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other congenital disorders.

Dental care for children at risk - Children with complex immune systems, who require observation and monitoring by the hospital.

Sedative dental care - Occasionally, child patients require sedation so as to obtain optimal cooperation.

Dental care using general anesthesia - General anesthesia is to be used for the following scenarios: substantial general medical problems, children with mental or physical disabilities, children suffering from extreme anxiety and infants with multiple dental problems.