Unit : Catheterization Unit

Head of Unit

Dr Shami Karasu

Head Nurse

Mr. Salama Gasan

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The Unit includes 2 catheterization rooms, a control room, and 5 beds in a waiting room before and after catheterization (recovery). The catheterization rooms handle some 1000 patients per year.

Additional procedures carried out in the catheterization room: percutaneous opening of peripheral arteries, such as carotid arteries, renal arteries, leg arteries, percutaneous opening of heart valves, and treatments for patients destined to undergo percutaneous implantation of artificial valves. Pacemaker implantations of all kinds are performed (biventricular, triventricular, defibrillators). Invasive electrophysiological tests are performed for obtaining accurate diagnoses and treatments of arrhythmias by precisely ablating the source of the arrhythmia.

The Unit focuses mainly on diagnosing and treating coronary artery occlusions.

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