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Dr. Nesia Lang

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The Center for the Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims was established in 2001 and is recognized by the Ministry of Health. The Center is subordinate to the Gynecological and Obstetrics Department, headed by Prof. Moshe Ben Ami.

The Center provides multidisciplinary treatment for sexual assault victims and for potentially sexually-assaulted patients. Center patients receive medial and psycho-social assistance in a professional and discrete manner, and benefit from a kind, supportive and secure environment.

The Center is situated in a separate building, adapted for the patients' unique needs.

The Center serves the entire Northern population, and treats young children, men and women of all ages and sectors, including populations with special needs.


Treatment at TNA Center

The Center for the Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims enables patients to undergo medical examinations and receive legal documentation, owing to a multidisciplinary and skilled staff which provides medical care and psychological consultation for the victims and their families. The Center arranges activities for preventing sexual violence within the community 

The Center's staff includes: a gynecologist, a colorectal surgeon, a pediatrician providing legal counseling, a nurse, a social worker - who oversees treatment and addresses the patient and their companion's special needs, a secretary, a research coordinator, medical clowns and volunteers


Center Treatment Options

Treatment in the Center includes an examination by a pediatrician and surgeon as needed, a general medical examination, laboratory tests, drug treatment (antibiotics, pregnancy-preventative treatment, AIDS-preventative treatment, inoculations), an evaluation of the patient and their family's needs, support and reference for continued treatment and rehabilitation within the community, a short psycho-social treatment for the patient and their family, occasionally, juveniles under 14 are interrogated, and the findings are recorded for legal purposes, for the submission of evidence and medical opinion to a court of law (should there be an indictment). The Center provides for an examination by a pediatrician and surgeon as needed.


dditional Activities

·Training treating teams within the community, medical students, social workers and criminologists.

·Raising awareness to the subject of sexual assault among professionals by way of conducting tours and lectures within and outside the Center, by way of seminars, conferences and advanced study programs.

·Conducting research on sexual assault and its implications, in collaboration with the University of Haifa.

·Community projects.


אחראית מרכז טנ"א: ד"ר נסיה לנג-פרנקו

אחות אחראית: גב' גילי מעוז
עובדת סוציאלית: רוחמה כהן
מזכירה: גב' אורלי כהן

צוות רפואי

ד"ר איתן בן ציון, סגן מנהל מח' כירורגית
ד"ר אבי און, מנהל יח' גסטרו ילדים