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Trauma Superior: Mr. Wisam Najar

The Trauma Unit is subordinate to the Emergency Medicine Department, and works in full cooperation with the Surgical Department.

The Trauma Unit handles approx. 18,000 injured patients per year, who comprise about a third of all patients seeking emergency medical care (ER). During the summer, the Unit's activity is doubled due to the sharp rise in the number of people traveling in the region.

In recent decades, trauma has become a key component of medicine, and the field underwent revolutionary changes, beginning with its approach to diagnoses, evaluation and treatment, and culminating with training designated teams and units specializing in treating injured patients in most hospitals in Israel and overseas.

Trauma is the leading cause of death among people throughout the first four decades of their lives, and the third cause for all ages. Major trauma causes include: automobile accidents, work accidents, violence, and acts of hostility.

The Unit's medical staff underwent an ATLS trauma course (advanced trauma life support), and is composed of surgeons, anesthetists and orthopedists. In addition, the Unit involves other specialists from different hospital departments, such as: ENT, maxillofacial surgery and ophthalmology.

The Unit's nursing staff is composed of the Emergency Medicine Center's team, the members of which underwent an advanced emergency medicine course and were observers in the ATLS Course.

Treatment in the Unit

The Trauma Unit is located in the Emergency Medicine Department, where patients receive primary care. The Unit monitors the severest of patients and the progress of their treatment in the Emergency Medicine Center, so as to ensure the quality of treatment.

After receiving treatment, patients are transferred to the operating room, the ICU or to the various hospitalization departments as needed.

The Unit convenes a periodical trauma forum, which discusses special cases of injury and complicated scenarios, and also includes lectures by local and guest lecturers.

The Trauma Unit staff takes place in a collaboration between the hospital and the "Beterem" Organization, the purpose of which is to increase awareness to children vulnerability.