Unit : Delivery Rooms

Head of Unit

Dr. Dima Chuyn

Head Nurse

Mrs. Miri Tal

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The Unit is subordinate to the Gynecological and Obstetrics Department headed by Prof. Moshe Ben Ami.
The Unit contains six separate delivery rooms. An operating room is situated next to the delivery rooms and the reception. The obstetric emergency room is adjacent to the Department and responds to emergencies at all times,

Out of the belief that childbirth is one of the most important and central events in the life of the woman and her family.

Delivery Rooms Department

The hospital's Delivery Rooms Department contains 6 personal and spacious delivery rooms, 2 sorting-and-reception rooms and an operating room adjacent to the delivery rooms, which provides a substantial advantage when emergency surgery is requitd  The Department's philosophy is to give the delivering mother and her partner a meaningful and empowering childbirth experience - while taking into account their desires and while ensuring their safety.The Department is equipped with equipment accessory to natural childbirth, and with experienced midwives who will be delighted to assist and support the delivering mother and her companions.

The Department's staff is composed of doctors, midwives, accessory employees and social workers who promptly provide social services as needed.

Tours in the Delivery Rooms Department take place 4 times a month - for the purpose of familiarizing with the area, the staff and with regulations. These tours take place on Tuesday afternoons and on Friday mornings.


 דף מידע (מקושר) פירוט
השראת (זירוז) לידהמידע והנחיות לפני השראת (זירוז) לידה
משקל העוברמידע והנחיות לאישה אשר עוברה מוערך כבעל משקל גדול
מעקב תנועות עוברמידע והנחיות אחר מעקב תנועות עובר
שחרור אישה הרה ממיון חדר לידהמידע והנחיות לפני שחרור אישה הרה ממיון חדר לידה

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