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Prop. Joni Yones

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The Unit is subordinate to the Gynecological and Obstetrics Department headed by Prof. Moshe Ben Ami, and provides for fertility problems unresolved using other methods.

The Unit treats a variety of fertility problems, including female hormonal and mechanical problems, complex seminal issues, surgical suction of sperm from the testicle, and problems originating from both partners.

The Unit conducts IVF procedures using the most advanced techniques.

Ours is the only IVF laboratory working in close collaboration with the medical staff.

The laboratory performs IVF processes, micromanipulation (ICSI) and embryo cryopreservation. The Unit is very active in medical research, and studies taking place in it are published in international professional journals, and are presented in conferences in Israel and overseas.

Currently, the Unit is situated in the obstetric wing, but is due to be relocated to a more spacious building more comfortable for the patients and staff.

מנהל היחידה: ד"ר ג'וני יונס 

אחות אחראית: גב' ברנדה זכריה
מנהלת מעבדה: גב' אורית רדין
מזכירה: גב' מיכל אטיאס





 חוקר ראשישם המחקר
ד"ר ג'וני יונסהערכת שכיחות ומאפיינים של השימוש ברפואה משלימה בקרב מטופלי פוריות במדינת ישראל 



מועד פרסום 


שם המאמר 


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