Department : Internal Ward A

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Dr.William Nasser

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Mr. Rizak Sirchan

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Internal Ward A provides services to all patients hospitalized via the ER and defined by it as urgent patients needing treatment and observation in the fields of cardiology, hypertension, infectious diseases, heart failure, kidney failure (including hemodialysis), rapid diagnosis of cancerous diseases, continuous temperature observation, and immunological disease inspection. 

The Ward sets out to serve as a model of clinical and academic medicine, with an emphasis on individual care of each patient, sympathy and sensitivity, while assimilating medical innovations within standard treatment procedure. The Ward undertakes to provide the most responsible, safe, and advanced treatment available in the world of modern western medicine. The Ward excels in a number of fields, as specified below: 

Cardiovascular Diseases 

The Ward treats difficult-to-treat heart failure problems - the service is divided as follows: urgent hospitalization treatment, supplementary treatment once every several weeks, and accessory treatment at a designated clinic. In addition, the Ward specializes in treating cardiovascular diseases - and provides unique treatments for the stenoses of small and distal blood vessels that that cannot be resolved by invasive means. This treatment is characterized by hospitalization care, followed by monitoring and support at the clinic. Hypertension treatment - the Ward provides services to doctors practicing in the region, as a reference center for treating persistent hypertension. This service is provided for both hospitalized patients and via the clinic. 

Respiratory Disease 

The Ward operates a respiratory diseases clinic headed by Dr. Claudia Simsolo, both in an outpatient and in a hospitalization setting. The service includes the treatment of severe respiratory diseases, such as: asthma, smoke-related respiratory diseases, respiratory diseases leading to pulmonary hypertension and severe secondary heart failure. The diagnosis of diseases related to asthma includes lung diagnoses. 

Academia and Clinical Research 

This Ward serves as an Academic Department affiliated with the Technion's Faculty of Medicine, and the Ward's doctors possess senior clinical positions within the Technion. The Ward teaches fourth to sixth year students, and provides thesis guidance for students. The Ward is a center for excellence in hospital research, and many of the interns working in the Center's various departments carry out their six months of basic science work in our research lab. In addition, Ward doctors also teach master's degree students at the Technion, and collaborate with various research institutions in Northern Israel (Ort Brauda and Tel Hai College), and assist in training professional manpower in the biomedical field. The Ward excels in clinical and basic research fields pertaining to cardiovascular diseases and endothelial research. Research types include: clinical research, which makes use of unique technologies involving advanced ultrasonic imaging; biochemical research and cellular research - via a designated laboratory used for studying endothelial stem cells, which includes special equipment suitable for this field of research. The research carried out focuses on preventing cardiovascular diseases and multiple sclerosis, on understanding the mechanisms of multiple sclerosis and coronary diseases, and on epidemiological research related to cardiovascular diseases. Ward doctors maintain a respectable list of publication.

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