Department : The Roland Geiger Department of Pediatric

Dept. Head

Dr. Saed Abbuzaid

Head Nurse

Mrs. Galit David

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The Roland Geiger Department of Pediatric

The Pediatrics Department provides medical services for the children of the region, and i characterized by the professional, optimal, and amicable provision of treatment


There exists a broad spectrum of medical conditions, and the Department provides medical services of the highest level to all children in accordance with their personal needs. 

The Pediatrics Department treats sick children suffering from a variety of conditions mandating hospitalization, and treatment is given in collaboration with additional hospital departments and clinics - according to the child's medical condition. 

Dr. Yehoshua Zerfin, Department Director, is a pediatrics specialist, and is also a specialist in premature babies' and newborn intensive care. Dr. Nasser Wahil is a pediatrics and pediatric nephrology specialist. Children hospitalized in the Department receive additional treatment and service in these fields by the team's senior staff. 

The nursing team in the Pediatrics Department provides skillful treatment to infants, children and teenagers, who suffer from a wide variety of diseases, while placing a strong emphasis on the holistic treatment of the child and their family. 

The Departmental staff believes in providing professional, high-end, and safe treatment, while emphasizing human relations. We do all that is within our power to facilitate the teaching and instruction of children and their family, and as part of this commitment, we believe in fully involving the parents during the hospitalization process and during the children's treatment process in general. 

In order to instill a sense of confidence in the child, and in order to mitigate their anxiety and prospects for long-term trauma - we enable and encourage the presence of parents during the execution of invasive procedures. 

The treatment of children hospitalized in the Department is carried out by a skilled team of doctors and nurses. The Department also provides for children suffering from various surgical conditions, which are treated closely by professional doctors specializing in surgery, orthopedics and trauma. 

The Pediatrics Department operates a schoolroom, financed by the Ministry of Education, which offers a variety of educational and creative activities, as well as extracurricular activities for children over two years of age. The center is operated by teachers and kindergarteners commissioned by the Ministry of Education. 

The Department also employs "Clown Doctors" from the "Dream Doctors" group, who regularly visit the Department and escort the children and their families during the recovery and healing process. 

The Department also employs a social worker and a clinical dietician who assist in providing consultation and treatment. 

At the escorts' convenience, one may find in each room a set of armchairs, beddings, hot and cold beverages and a shower. 

The Departmental team takes part in the "Beterem" organization's project for the improvement of safety and the prevention of accidents suffered by children. 

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