Geriatrics Rehabilitation Department

The department's main objective is to address the rehabilitation needs of the senior citizens residing in Northern Israel who require hospitalization

At present, the department is located in an old and inappropriate facility with room for 18 beds. This enables us to address only a fraction of the senior citizens' needs in the North. There is an urgent need to build a new facility and to increase the number of hospitalization beds

The following is an outline that details our plans to increase the number of Rehabilitation Beds in our Geriatrics Department in addition to expanding the services already available today to meet the up and growing demands of the surrounding region
The Geriatrics Rehabilitation Department Services include

 Inpatient geriatric rehabilitation following stroke, fractures, complex surgeries and general decline

 Outpatient geriatric rehab services - Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy


Outpatient Geriatric Assessment Clinic


Inpatient palliative care services 


The Department's staff is experienced and well trained to treat senior citizens with a lacking ability to
 function. The professional and devoted staff is experienced in addressing the needs of
terminal/incurable patients and are committed to treat those terminally ill patients in need of hospitalization

The clinical field at the department is very sought out by nursing students, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and dieticiansTaking in consideration the complexity and difficulty of dealing with these type of patients that require personal treatment that involve human contact and consecutive monitoring with continuous eye contact with each and every patient there is a need to construct a building that will include all the hospitalization ,treatment and administrative functions on one floor where the nurses׳ station is stationed in the most central area of the building with treatment rooms at both ends of the departmentThe program that we would like to achieve is suitable for a department with 36 beds (which is the recommended number of beds to be available in hospitalization departments in hospitals), including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services and clinics. This program will enable us to treat our senior citizens in a facility that meets the standards and is acceptable in modern day medicine . This will raise the level of services that in turn will provide diligent care to each and every patient, promoting sophisticated care that will have an outstanding impact on patient rehabilitationThe Department will include a total area of 2,700 sqm Approximate total cost (Construction & Equipment): 10,300,000 $(1 $=3.5 NIS)

$Ministry of Health's Participation: 4,300,000