Ambulatory Services Division - Outpatient Clinics

The division contains also a Maxillo -Facial intern Institute, an Ophthalmology Clinic, a Plastic Surgery, and E.N.T. unit

These clinics and institutes are in addition to the Non - Invasive Cardiovascular Institute that operates within the framework of the Cardiology Division and the Oncology Day Care Unit, Gastroenterology Institute, Urology Clinics and Ambulatory Operating Rooms that both serve patients in another building adjacent to the Outpatient Clinics

The Outpatient Clinics have on hand an administrative staff, a medical archive division and a calling center to schedule appointments

The existing division is located in a two level, 40 year old building that doesn't meet the up and growing demands of this era. The corridors are narrow and the clinics are small and scars and enable only limited appointments in every field to make it possible to treat patients in the clinics. This unfortunate reality directly influences on the long wait patients must endure in order to be treated and or examined in the Clinics. In order to continue operating the Gastroenterology Institute and Urology Clinic were 

temporarily moved to another building at the expense of hospitalization rooms. An ambulatory operating room is also located in another building

There is a vital need to expand the clinics in order to address the growing demands for services at the Padeh- Poriya MCThis expansion will drastically shorten the wait to be treated in the clinics and will coordinate and house all the services in a modern building that will allow us to provide diligent and state of the art health care that we are accustomed to

The programs include 2,700 sq. meters that will comprise all the outpatient clinics, the expansion of the Maxillo- Facial Institute as well as a substantial expansion of the Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology and E.N.T. Institutes

In addition, there will be an Operating Room and a Main Recovery Room that will enable to raise the level of care immensely by enabling the patients to be diligently treated and operated in the same building

Total Cost: $ 9,500,000 Ministry of Health's Participation: $ 4,750,000