Operating Theaters

The Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya operates four Operating Rooms within the main Operating Theaters of the Surgical Wing. The procedures that take place in these theaters are in almost every medical field that is available in the hospital and include major and complex surgeries to relatively minor simple ambulatory procedures

Currently, in the Operating Theatres the demand exceeds the availability, causing a long wait for necessary surgeries that have a high demand on regular bases

The existing Operating Theatres are located in the basement of the Surgical Wing building and are bomb and chemical warfare protected, which makes the direct expansion of the facility impractical due to technical difficulties and astronomical costs

We plan to alleviate the actual overload in the existing Operating Theaters by building a parallel extension with additional state of the art Operating Suites. This will prevent relatively minor day-surgeries or same day hospitalization onesfrom beingan enormous overload in the Theatres and will also allow to perform more complex and rehabilitating surgeries. The expansion of this type of service will result in more surgeries and more types of surgeries to be performed regularly. The proposed new facility for the Operating Theaters will be built adjacent to the existing location of the current Operating Theatres in a new structure that will include three new fully equipped Operation Suites that will meet all of the Ministry of Health's and international standards and requirements

In addition, the new structure will include an admission area and a recovery unit along side a reception office that will process referrals during real time and will enable the new facility to provide diligent services through-out the year

According to the state's regulations it will be a fully protected structure and it will be autonomous, serviced and supported by adjacent power and electromechanical units, including medical gas and modern communication systems

Functional Program and Building Areas


area m2 

3 Operating Suites 


Technical Support Facilities 


Storage, Sterile Preparation, Ancillary 


Medical Staff and Examination 


Surgery Preparation and Recovery 




Waiting and Families Room 




Total Estimated Cost: $7,000,000.

Matching from Ministry of Health: $3,500,000