Intensive Care Unit and Respiration Unit

The ICU provides advanced medical services to patients in critical condition admitted from the Emergency Department, Inpatient Departments and post surgery
The current unit includes four intensive care beds and operates in a very small room on the surgical department's floor, suffering from a big gap in the essential supporting infrastructure

Patients who require artificial ventilatory care, as part of their medical treatment, are hospitalized in rooms situated in the Internal Medical Departments in the Internal Medical Wing

There is an essential and urgent need to build an independent ICU and Intensive Care Treatment Unit, to enable the team of professional physicians and nurses to give the best medical care in suitable conditions

The new unit will include eight intensive care beds and 12 ventilation support beds, allowing to concentrate all the patients who need intensive treatment in one unit

In addition to the inpatient treatment area, the unit will also include a nurses' station, a medication room, an equipment room, storage for medical equipment, physicians' offices, a staff room and a seminar room for academic activities
The unit will include a total area of 1,550 sqm
Total Cost: $6,000,000 Ministry of Health's Participation: $3,000,000