Imaging Department

The Radiology and Imaging Department performs over 150,000 examinations annually, for the in-patients, emergency care patients and out-patients from the surrounding communities

The department offers Conventional Radiology, Computerized Tomography(CT), Ultrasound,Fluoroscopy and Breast Imaging including Mammography and Biopsy. Padeh-Poriya MC acquired state of the art medical equipment in order to meet the growing demands of modern day medicine

The department is completely computerized and paperless. It is based on DR Radiology and Fluoroscopy Machines, a 64 slice CT scanner, advanced Ultra-Sound Machines of the highest quality and a Mammography machine that is linked to a stereo- tactic biopsy system. The department is located in a historical, 40 years old facility, too narrow to hold new equipment in addition to being crowded to meet any current engineering and state service regulations

Next to the Imaging Department we established a new MRI Institute that will improve our ability of diagnose and treat morediligently

Considering the location of the new Emergency Department and the demolishing of the old building, there is an opportunity to move the Imaging Department near the new Emergency Department and MRI Institute, to allow for more space that will enable us to acquire and hold new imaging equipment to elevate the services given in the department. The programs include an addition of 2,000 sq. meters that will include Imaging and Ultra -Sound Rooms in addition to a CT, MRI and Angiography Unit, Waiting Areas, Consultations, Seminar and Training Rooms that will enable the department to hold meetings, train interns and teach students from the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee

Total Cost: $5,200,000

Ministry of Health's Participation: $ 2,600,000