Central Clinical Laboratories

Central Clinical Laboratories

The current Central Laboratories serve the hospital's In- Patient Departments, Emergency Care Units, Outpatient Clinics and Institutes, in addition to performing laboratory tests for external establishments. The Laboratory Division makes approximately 90,000 tests monthly

The Central Laboratories include a number of laboratories, such as Biochemistry -Endocrinology, Hematology and a Blood Bank. In addition, the hospital also has a Histo-Cyto- Pathology Laboratory in the framework of the Pathology Institute, Microbiology Laboratory and Medical Research Laboratories

In the past few years there have been substantial developments and achievements in the Medical Clinical Laboratories and at The Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya in particular. Additional laboratory instruments were obtained and different methods are performed to meet the up and growing needs and demands of modern medicine

On the other hand, the current laboratory (300 sq. meters) is situated in the same facility for over 20 years as a temporary solution due to lack of space. The current facility it too small, narrow and crowded to be equipped with additional instruments. It doesn't meet any of the environmental and medical standards required to keep running and advancing to meet current and future requirements

The Padeh-Poriya MC is in vital need of establishing a new building to house all of the clinical laboratories and laboratory equipment. The new building we are seeking will be able to facilitate, and provide creative and advanced methods that will enable the laboratories to meet the standards required to integrate as academic labs with training activities that will be an integral component for the Medical School in the Galilee

The program includes a Main Laboratory of over 1000 sq. meters in size that will unite and house all the existing laboratories in addition to the rooms that will be dedicated for seminars and lectures

Total Cost: $5,000,0000

Ministry of Health's Participation: $2,500,000